Telemedicine Physician Credentialing

At, we take every possible step toward ensuring the quality of the care provided through our service. This involves a strict credential verification and review process for the doctors in the network.

Network physicians are:

  • Licensed in their respective states
  • Covered by malpractice insurance for consultations
  • Located in the United States

Physician applicants who meet the rigorous background standards begin a multi-stage interview process, meeting with both Network doctors and staff. Network doctor applicants are assessed on the basis of medical treatment proficiency, strengths in personal communication, and their ability to confidently treat patients on the telemedicine platform.

Upon successful completion of the credentialing verificiation process, physicians must take part in extensive physician training, to master the technical aspects of telehealth and acquire a firm understanding of best treatment practices. Throughout this training process, physicians engage in a wide range of scenario consultations, preparing them for the most common treatments, as well as rare and out of the ordinary situations. New physicians begin taking consultation appointments only when they’ve attained the highest level of proficiency and confidence on the platform.


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